Thursday, May 5, 2011

Rusty heart

      Sometimes  young  love
  can truly last... but she won’t
take the                  risk, for the  
 times her                  heart  was 
     broken is            a long and
                             tiring list.
                         It’s been 
                    so  long 
               since she
             has loved
             She's  not 
              sure if she 
               can, silent

                tears leak 
           down her cheeks
          Why does  no  one 


  1. I especially like the title to this, "Rusty Heart" since it evokes the damaging/corrosive nature of rust, the saltiness of tears, and even the colour of blood. Well thought out.

  2. Wow, your poems are beautiful by themselves, but molding them into artwork is even more stunning. Glad I stumbled upon your blog. (I was following a link from Lisa Vooght's blog.)

  3. i like this even though it is sad

  4. Well sometimes love goes wrong. L:

  5. oh wow this is so cool, well done and well expressed. in french, we call that a calligramme. is there an english term for it?
    thanks for visiting my blog, sorry i was absent for a little but now im fully back

  6. Thank you. (: I will have to look up the English term, and you're welcome! I loved it.

  7. I like the mix between the shape of the question mark and the poem.
    It is what love brings to life when you think about it - a big ?

    Lovely and Touching.

  8. Thank you! That seems to be true. /:,


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