Tuesday, May 10, 2011

D-Stabilized: Deleted Scene

This post, and the one following, are deleted/alternate scenes I wrote about a TV show called Danny Phantom. If you do not like the show, then I would advise you don't read further.

This will not make sense unless you watch D-stabilized so watch it first before reading. It's a good episode. :)
If you want access to the full series, then go here

Fly away ghost boy, before I change my mind." Valerie said looking away.

"Alright... I'm going..." Danny said with amusement, slowly backing away with his hands up.

Valery blasted Danny from behind.

"Ow!" Danny exclaimed, startled. "What the-"

"But don't think this is gonna last..." Valerie warned with a with a deviouse smile, her arm blaster smoking. "Tomorow it's game on!"

"And I'll be ready to play." He responded, grinning. As he was flying off, he came to a stop.

"Uh, one last thing." Danny said turning around.

"What?" Valerie asked, growing impatient.

"I- Uh, know someone else like Dani... he knows you too..." Danny said carefully, coming up to her. "He really wants to tell you, believe me- it would make his life a lot easier- and safer ." danny smiled at the thought. "It's not easy to keep a secret Val." Giving Valery a sad, knowing look, he flew off into the night.

Valerie thought about what the ghost kid said, confused "There's another ghost kid? And he knows my name? How? Only my friends call me Val. How could I not know..." She said to herself incredulously, growing somewhat paranoid.

Valerie could hear the ghost girl laughing behind her. "I don't know who your friends are, but even I know who he's talking about."

Startled, Valerie spun around. "Don't you have "places to be"? I would know if there was another ghost kid." Valerie said angrily. "So he must be lying. It makes no sense."

"Your kind of right there I guess, there isn't." Dani smiled. "Just me and Danny."

"But that doesn't make any sense ether! He's just some pain in my butt ghost kid!" Valerie yelled in frustration. "How does he even know my name in the first place?" She said, more to herself then the ghost girl.

"Because he knows you. There's more to him then you think." With a mischievous smile, she vanished from sight.

Valerie sifted through all the possibilities in her head. He's one of my friends, and his name is Danny. And then it clicked.

"Danny Phantom is Danny Fenton! Ah how could I not see that!" She yelled in frustration. "All this time... all this time it was him!" 

She didn't know what to think, couldn't believe it. Then she remembered.

"Mister Masters! I forgot about him!" she sped back over to Vlad Masters mansion.

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