Sunday, May 15, 2011

Phantom Planet: Deleted Scene

My last writing of Danny Phantom for the last episode.
To see the episode I wrote this for, go -->here<--, or

"How long is he going to just sit there?" Johnny grumbled.

"Should we go and get him?" Technus asked. "He doesn't look like he will put up much of a fight."

"I can't hunt willing prey." Skulker said irritably. "That's no fun."

"He's been sitting there for hours." Spectra commented, sounding bored.

"Something isn't right with the ghost kid." Ember stated. "He must have noticed us, this isn't his ideal hang out. Does he think we'll just leave him alone?"

"I'm surprise he's left us alone." Youngblood said quietly, "he'd usually be kicking our butts by now!"

"ARGH That's IT." Kitty yelled angrily, "I'm going to find out what's wrong with that pest."

With that, Kitty cautiously flew over to where Danny Slouched. why hasn't he shot at me yet? Kitty wondered in confusion. She stopped behind him.

"What- no blasting? No quips?" Ember said snidely.

"I'm not in the mood." He said without turning to her, blowing her off.

She flew in front of him, determined to get his attention. She deeply resented that.

"I-- we," She gestured to the others, "want to know what you're doing around here, I think you know your not welcome. You seem put off. Not that I care." she added grudgingly.

Danny looked up then, and to Kitty's surprise, his eyes where filled with anguish.  He looked tired and sad. Kitty was taken back.

"The 'mayor' turned the town turned against me, my parents are out to get me, my friends hate my guts, and even my own sister wants nothing to do with me." Danny sighed. "I cause nothing but trouble and I'm so tired of putting the people I love in danger."

Kitty didn't know what to say. looking back and saw the same look of confusion mirrored on the others faces.

Danny sighed. "I don't care what happens to me anymore." Danny said warily. "I'd be doing the world a favor if I just disappeared, for good. Tell the others that they're free to have it at me, I won't fight back." Danny said while pointing behind him with his thumb and looked down.

"I- uh... I'll be back, then." Kitty stuttered. She flew over to the awaiting group of ghosts.

"So... what did he say?" Youngblood asked eagerly.

"There's defiantly something wrong with him, he's given us the ok to do whatever we want with him." Kitty said wringing her hands, thoughtfully.

"I'll start then." Skulker said with a grin. "wait here, I'll figure this out for myself."

He flew over and shot Danny from behind. He fell from the floating stone platform. Slowly, he regained balance.

"Are you really going to give yourself up? It would be more fun if you at least tried to defend yourself."

Skulker blasted him again. Danny was blown back, but still didn't return fire. He looked defeated and hopeless.

"At least this way you'll be able to kill me Skulker. The greatest hunter of all time will finally have the ghost boys head mounted on his wall." Danny said bitterly, rolling his eyes. "Just say I put up a good fight, but in the end was no match for your hunting skills." Danny laughed,waving his hands. "Isn't this what you've been waiting for?" Danny grimaced. He looked defeated.

It is. Skulker thought to himself. But this must be a trick. I'll know soon enough.

"I see you haven't lost your sarcasm." Skulker replied dryly. "Or your temper." He waited for Danny's reply.

Impatient, Skulker hit him with another ray. Danny grunted with discomfort.

"Just finish this." Danny said, just as impatient.

Skulker, hesitated unsure.

"What? Afraid of actually doing the deed? The big bad hunter--"

Skulker's temper flared, he shot Danny 25 feet away.

Danny groaned, "Guess I'm not the only one with a short temper." He said, edging him on.

Skulker punched Danny hard from below his jaw and he crashed hard on a near boulder. Danny felt dazed, black dots speckled his vision.

"Time to finish this." Skulker said angrily, leveling his blaster with Danny's heart.

"Goodbye, ghost child." Skulker laughed mirthlessly. 

His blaster began to glow green and Danny shut his eyes in anticipation. Nothing. He opened his eyes in time to see Skulker shot out of view. Surprised, Danny looked over to see Technus cackling.

"Didn't anyone ever teach you to share?" Technus called over. He turned to face Danny. "My turn."

Before he could even lift his hand, a blast shot him across the ghost zone, and he crashed into another boulder. Skulker glowered at him.

"I know how to share, I just choose not to."

Forgetting about Danny, the two continued to fight, and the others gathered to watch. Normally, this would have amused Danny, if he wasn't so depressed- and annoyed.

"Even when I don’t fight back these morons can't kill me." Danny grumbled to himself. "If they won't help me, I'll find a way to at least get rid of these stupid powers on my own."

Danny was deep in thought, weighing his options as he tiredly flew back to the ghost portal.

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