Monday, April 25, 2011

A flash in the dark

 Waves of rain
      pour down
           from the sky,
                hammering on
               the windows.
          The hazy grey
        night sky is
 free of clouds
     yet  the  rain
        still falls. Barren
               trees  glisten
                    under  the
             full moon, coated by
     heavens tears.          The grass
 is matted                      and the
   soil soaks             the water
         in like             a  sponge.
                                    Tongues of
                               across the sky
                    and the        ear splitting
            cracks and              rolls of
         thunder                         are all that
  can be                                       heard.
plants                                         and trees
    bend                                  to the will
        of the                                forceful
             wind,                                chilling
          and                                        cold. How
   greatly                                     the world changes
under heavy                     clouds, and          despite it all,
 I find        that                       beauty                is       uncovered
     in                                                     this        thunder       storm.                                             


  1. Love it! I've never been very good at shape poetry and so I also appreciate it when someone is. My only suggestion (and this is personal taste only) is on your last line. Maybe say "the thunderstorm" instead of "a thunderstorm". Using "the" personifies it a bit better and gives the feeling you are talking about this one special event rather than just any old rainy day. =) Either way, I still love it!

  2. Thanks for the tip! 'The' does make more sense. (:


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