Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Paint a Picture (Religious)

In The Kingdom of Light, there are fields of beautiful clouds, magnificent white as far as the eye can see. Finding the border of that vast expansion of sky is like trying to run up to a rainbow, impossible. The rolling clouds are lined with silver, illuminated by the rays of light that break through from above. Towering golden gates lye concealed within the clouds, where behind stands the gatekeeper. It is the gatekeeper who gives the final judgement based on the choices you have made.

With Eve's foolish decision, a new, horrible realm of darkness  manifested. A prison for those who dare turn away from Him, for the sinners. No light can be found there, only the darkness within the eternally burning flames. Completely devoid of peace and happiness, and forever separated from Him. Pain and regret is all that is left.

To Paint a picture: above you see the luminescent clouds of The Kingdom of Light, shining down onto the earth. Below you see ravaging fires of crimson stretching on for miles, where the countless souls of sinners suffer for all eternity by their own hands. The earth at one time was suspended between the two realms, but now is falling to the fire.

Though day by day, more and more turn to drugs, sex and money, becoming greedy, ignorant and self- absorbed. Those people say The Bible is a joke, calling it fiction. The scale tips toward the fire, we are falling fast into the flames, where only the faithful will be spared.

Is the falling inevitable ?  

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